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Monday, October 23, 2006

Okay, so I was just listening to the radio and the forecast is calling for possible snow flurries tonight. Now I knew it was biting cold out there, and the wind is kicking, but flurries, oh this is too much!!!!!!!!!Bring it on I say...Bring it on!!!! Low of 31 yeah baby.
Weather Freak Doppler Dork has officially signed on...
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"I took a Ride in a Calander Today"

I took a ride in a calander today. And the month was October...All you need is allot of determination, nerve, an eye for beauty & uniqueness, a tank of gas, a good friend, good music, lots of film, and a camera. It was very clear to us as we made our way to I 75 that we had picked the wrong day to do this. It was like a Gloria kinda day, misty, rainy and dreary. We almost turned around and headed for clearer weather towards the Smokies, but we knew that’s where the tourist would be and that wasn't appealing to us. So determined in our quest to get some great pics, knowing that the leaves were at peak and being much inspired we pressed on. We took the exit to Hwy 61 (I think it’s 61/I’m terrible with Rd. names) as we headed to nowhere land. Any road (no matter how far off the beaten path) that caught our fancy and appealed to us we turned and explored. Kez says that we would have been pioneer women in another day and time. I think I’m a big Wus but every now and then I get this little crazy look in my eyes. Whoa, and that's when the fun begins. This was one of those days. And that is how we found Dark Hollow Rd. At on point we heard a car and being two women alone (in the middle of nowhereland, where sane women dare not trod) we listened intently trying to figure out if they were coming our way or not. By the way, we were on a dead end road, there was only a lake behind us, and we had no boat. We were considering making a run towards safety, in Kez’s SUV and an exciting getaway. However, I don’t do the running thing, especially after I’ve earned my new AKA at work as GloriOBrokenankle. You know, I’m in that stage of my life where if there is a snake close by (I’m always on the lookout) should it strike, it’s gonna get me, cuz I don’t do the jumping thing either. And so after much intense listening and alertness we realized whoever they were, they were not headed in our direction and we were once again safe. The beauty was amazing, to the point that it inspired us to take pictures of ourselves, surrounded by such beauty and all. It takes allot to inspire us. However, we continued and once again ended up on a road where we were totally clueless. We just knew the road led east and south and that was good enough for us, cuz home was in that direction. And if perchance we ended up in KY, all we would of have to do at that point was turn around and head in the right direction, right? Needless to say, we were shocked when our cell phone rang and Jules got a hold of us. We never dreamed there would be service out there. We saw many a beautiful hill, many a beautiful valley. We saw "barn art" made to look like quilt squares and we even saw a bison on a hillside. Carly had to Google it to make sure it was a legit Bison and not a Buffalo, final conclusion, Bison. We saw things that some people only view when they gaze onto the canvas of some lucky artist who walked, the same path we did. We did have our exciting times though; we almost caused an accident a time or two. Once we spotted this gorgeous purple bush and this poor guy who was following us (a little too close I might add) down some wet slick country back road, did not know we were going to perform a dead stop (which by the way neither did we, that is, till we spotted the bush) the poor soul slid and squealed his brakes as he tried to stop on the wet road, much to our horror, dread and repentant heart. He did manage to stop, only to be directed by Us to go around Us into the path of an oncoming vehicle.
Thank God it wasn't his time to depart this world and we did not witness a-head-on collision. If you know TN roads, you know the concept of the shoulder dosn't exit. Actually, there really isn't room for it. At this point, we pretended to be deranged women with a vehicle that was having problems, which it was not. We slowed down ridiculously and wished for invisibity that did not come. Shamefulf? I know. The poor guy finally went around us and we let him get really-really far away! We were not in the mood for a much deserved scolding or worse. However, we did not let him outdo Us we ourselves performed such antics as we slid here or there, did many a turn around, climbed Joppa Mountain only to be followed by some lawman, we wondered if someone had called him on us, who knows (?) maybe Mr. SlideEee. I guess we were ok, cuz, when we turned onto another road to get rid of him, we did. By the Old Mill (and only at the Old Mill) did we have pictures that developed with an orb. According to ghostbusters these are energy orbs and indicate the presence of a ghost. (if you look hard at the pic of Kez by the old mill you'll see the orb/that is not trick photography Folks). There is a little girl ghost reported around the Mill, I guess she was enjoying watching us two (mother and daughter) as we took pics. Maybe she was lonely and wishing her Mommy was there too. We thank her and her mother for not making an appearance. (Hehe) And so we continued, but we did have to make a stop at Dollar General and stock up on more film, not to mention penny candy and pickled sausages. Let me tell you, we had so much fun, I think we lost our appetite, for real, we did. We ended up crashing a birthday party for some guy, we never met and still don't know, we never saw the sign on the table that said “Reserved.” So we just plopped ourselves down, realized our mistake, apologized profusely to which he graciously said we could join his party. Which we sorta did for a while. They even offered us some birthday cake, which we politely declined under the circumstances. All this happened, while our film was being developed and we were killing time. Once again we got home way after dark, exhausted, relaxed and very happy having enjoyed another wonderful fall day. Take a look at our pic collage and please let us know how you like them. : ) Courtesy of Kez and I/Fearless Photography Inc.

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Our Fall Tradition

Well, today is Thursday, and it is our day off. Yea Me and Kez! This Friday we are having Chili (Lisa M's specialty) at the office and I get to bring chips and Salsa, Yea Me again/got out of cooking again! My lasagna was a success, though : )

This has been a good week at work, on Tuesday they were painting, so our department got to go to Cracker Barrel (Lisa M's treat-she is a great supervisor, so Kool & fun-luv you girl) while the painters painted. It was great, we had so much fun together, Kez and Robin were our chauffeurs. It was rainy and dreary/my kinda day and Cracker Barrel was so cozy. After that the week just flew by. And here we are almost at the end.

Today we are going leaf watching. The leaves are at their peak, this has become a tradition for Kez and I.

I remember one year I was so very sick, I had this virus, I thought was killing me (really I did/the Doctors had no clue what was happening to me, {Surprised?} I was burning up with fever and listlessness). It felt like my life was draining out of me. Kez had taken me to yet another Doctors appointment, and afterwards instead of coming straight home, she just drove me around. She did not want me to miss the beauty of the leaves. She knows how much I love fall. I remember riding with her and being so very sick-I couldn't even eat, but I didn't miss out on my leaves. It meant the world to me. She took me up the mountain to the first overlook. The Smokies were beautiful and then she would see a little side road that was covered with beautiful leaves and of we'd go.

The next year, she said; "Mom today you and I are spending the day together, enjoying Fall & God's beautiful creation." And buddy, we did just that! We got on the Blue Ridge Parkway & we ended up somewhere in NC we were totally clueless where in the world we were. But we were having fun. We took pictures all day long and somehow we found our way back home late that nite. We had a blast, the leaves were peaking, and the memory of that day is very much alive in my heart & mind. It was so sweet.

So today, yep, you guessed it, leaves are peaking and once again we are off to God knows where, again clueless, but, we do know we are heading north on 75. So my friends, if you can't reach us by cell, you will not reach us at all. Should I stay home and wash clothes, should I do this or should I do that? Yes, I should. But you know I'm not, because today...I'm spending the day with my daughter, my friend. Today we will be making memories and I will blog and share them with you, God's beautiful creation for the fall of 2006. Tootles :)

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Life's Musing

I wrote this as a response to one of Mitchie's Post and it was so good I thought I'd post it on mine.
Throughout the age’s man (and woman too) have questioned their existence and purpose... Men like Aristotle and Socrates, what makes us think we will do no less, Save
d or Unsaved? I think the devil knows this and plays on this. Many a life has been damaged by thoughts the devil planted. Thoughts of insecurity, little or no self worth, and the futility of the unattainable dreams that were never achieved. If he can keep us here, he can play with us. Depression and Suicide (physical and spiritual) will certainly follow in his little game. Many a life have these two claimed.
I think we “All” go through this knot hole of; “Who really cares, who will miss us and who will remember us in the next century?” The fact is, that most of us will not make the history books. God’s word says, “We are but a drop in the bucket.” Not much comfort in that, but there is comfort in knowing that "We" are not insignificant. "We" will leave our mark in our own little sphere. The thing is "We " need to stay in the bucket, to be used while "We" are in the bucket. And to one day be promoted, as "We" evaporate and become a part of something so much bigger than the bucket.
"We" will be remembered and missed. "We" have more importance than "We" give ourselves credit for. You did not hear me say that "We" are Sensational. That, "We" may not be and never will be, but Important, that "We" are. How many times have I looked at my wrist, and saw my Grandmother's wrist instead. I saw her wrist dance to the motion of a needle, unite with the other one in prayer, and turn the pages of her beloved Bible. Do you know her? No, chances are you don’t. Yet in My world, My sphere, she remains a Hero. And not only to Me, but to My Children as well. Her story will be re-told time and time again to my grandchildren. And my oldest daughter will forever carry her name / Julia.
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Thursday, October 12, 2006

A TN Friday

Thank God it’s almost Friday.
Friday is a good day : )
Tennesseans are very passionate people especially when it comes to football.
We have a thing at the office called Football Friday. It started out just when the Vols had a home game. Our Department would have a cook-in. But we had so much fun doing it that we sorta adopted it on our own for every Friday. Every Friday, our department eats together. It’s such a special way to end the week. We don’t have to go to the break-room, we just stay in our department and we eat and visit during lunch.(Even the mailman has put in a request for something special/we let him eat too: )
We have a really well-rounded bunch of girls (& guys-did not forget you Danny and Alan). Somehow, I did not escape the cooking this week, and so Kez is at the store buying ingredients for a homemade Jumbo Lasagna while I’m blogging. (This is my first time cooking for all/somehow I have managed weeks of escape). Who knows maybe the ankle had something to do with it. (It’s about time I gleaned good from this injury-hehe) But not this week, I got drafted. Kez gets to participate, cuz she’s my daughter. And that’s so kool. We all bring something or donate funds for the person with the heaviest load-this week, that would be me : ) So far we have had some pretty amazing meals… (Robin’s Broccoli Casserole and Aneda’s White Bean n Chicken Chillie, just to name a few)
I have made some really amazing friends at work. People that we can share a meal with (outside of work) and truly enjoy their company. They know us (Kez n I) and they respect us. I thank God for that.
It’s been a pretty good week after all, despite the fact that I have a balloon ankle & foot, I might add. I never knew this could hurt for so long and so very bad. I am weary. Aneda said I will be a Human Barometer from now on. I think I believe her, but I’ve paid a price for it. Well, we did not get the storms (Somebody probably prayed them away-that’s common here in TN) but we got the cold. Yea, Me! It is cold out there people, you can almost smell it in the air. And so once again, the world is all right.
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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Autumn Time

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

The morns are meeker than they were
The nuts are getting brown
The berry's cheek is plumper
The Rose is out of town.
The Maple wears a gayer scarf
The field a scarlet gown
Lest I should be old fashioned
I'll put a trinket on.
Emily Dickenson
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100 Things about me

1. One is looking for two. Hope they find each other.
2. Two can keep each other warm (that’s what the Bible says)
3. Three is company ( I don’t know who said that)
4. Four is the number of souls God entrusted me with, a sobering thought.
5. Five is the number of Angels he knew I needed to Love and Laugh with.
6. Six is ½ a dozen, dugh.I hope my daughter & Bryan get their i/2 a doz.
7. Is one of my lucky numbers, I’m odd.
8. Ate a cinnamon raisin bagel and a cup of coffee this morning/Yummmmm..
9. Nine dollar bills in my wallet…I wish there were more.
10. Ten Little Indian Boys. I love Cowboys too, and Superman/Clark Kent, Oh Wow!
11. “Hey Look Ma, twins” (11) We have twins in our family, shout out to Eden & Eliza.
12. Thank God for the 12 disciples!
13. Why does everyone think this is an unlucky # I don’t and neither did Marino :)
14. Is the sum of the first three squares, which makes it a square pyramidal # Surprised?
15. “Los Quince’s”a Magical time for a Spanish Girl-There's still time to choose, to live...
16. I love Loyalty, it is the best quality a human can posses.
17. I don’t laugh easy, sometimes jokes & I don’t connect. Pathetic? I know,
18. but I do smile a lot and I am a happy person :)
19. I love Crescent Moons.
20. I think they are mystical,
21. which is probably why I love when the mist plays peek-a-boo with the mountains.
22. I love Sunsets, they are a beautiful way to end the day.
23. I’ve loved them since I was in High School.
24. I used to paint them all the time and show them to my Mother.
25. I love fire light. It is the epitome of romance.
26. It doesn’t matter if its indoor or outdoors I still love to watch the flames dance.
27 .I love starry nights, especially on cold, cold winter nights.
28. I love lighten bugs.
29. I love the rain,
30. and I used to love lightning & thunder. I kinda have a grudge going
31. with lightning since He took Eddie, which is really weird because I still
32. love storms and always will (Please don’t claim someone else I love).
33. I love windy days & nights,
34. especially in the Spring.
35. I love the awakening of the earth
36. and the baby animals that are being born.
37. I love deer,
38. and the flowers that pop their little faces out of the earth after a winter’s sleep.
39. I love wildflowers, Black eyed Susans, jasmine and honeysuckle.
40. I love roses, tulips and hydrangeas,
41. and clean sheets blowing in the wind on a clothes line. I love when you bring
42. them in, and you can still smell the sunshine that dried them. Yumm :)
43. My girls think I’m weird because I think Sunshine is boring,
44. although, I do love butterflies,
45. dragonflies,
46. ladybugs,
47. humming birds and,
48. blue birds (these are my all-time favorites).
49. All related to Sunshine and Summer, thank you very much!
50. I love, love, love candles! All types, all sizes, all colors. I still love incense.
51. Scented candles are the bestest! Yankee candles rule.
52. I love good smells, they are important to my atmosphere,
53. they relax me, totally, along with a good book or good magazine,
54. and good Music,
55. like Celtic music, James Taylor, Norah Jones etc…get the drift?
56. Starbucks and Barney’s (are the Bomb diggity)
57. I love hot Chai, latte’s, frapuccinos, mochas and good coffee,
58. and all things pumpkin.
59. I love Fall it is my favorite time of the year.
60. I can never decide which color I love best on the leaves.
61. I love the nip in the air, this time of the year,
62. it completes me and makes me smile.
63. I love everything about fall, the apples, the scarecrows, the desire to cook…
64. Everyday the trees put on a show for me,
66. and I don’t want to miss any of it. Fall let’s me…
67. know that winter is just around the corner, waiting, stalking,
68. and that’s ok ,if you are like me and you absolutely become
69. the ultimate “Weather Patrol Freak” because you go crazy when the Doppler
70. says it is going to SNOW!!!!!!!!
71. Definitely, unquestionably God’s most beautiful creation.
72. Which is ironic because I am from Fl, that is my home & I am very proud of it,
73. and the ocean is “Totally Amazing” too, it runs a pace behind Snow,
74. on “the Wonders of the Creation Scale” along with,
75. the mountains.
76. I love winter days, when all is dark and dreary. And cold.
77. I love Canadian Geese,
78. and Thanksgiving and,
79. Friends. The kind you can count on. They are rare.
80. once “Life” rewards” you with one do not let them slip away.
81. Keep the friendship fire burning bright in your soul and heart.
82. Some people never find a good friend and that is sad. So they end up with
83. their “pillow” Cuz, like Abuela used to say…
84. "Your pillow will never fail you & tell your secrets." But, I found a friend in...
85. Jule and Bry, My Momma & my Papi, and my beloved Tio,
86. Kez, Albo, Natta, Elena, Gerald & Kris, Andy & Kelly,
87. Mary Mary, Mitchie, Carly, Robin, Len and many more ...
88. “My Mandy” you are a dear friend and my brother too (a Double Wammy).
89. I love Christmas!
90. I think it is the perfect way to “wrap up the year.” Witty ugh?
91. I love everything about it.
92. I love the lights,
93. the smells,
94. the food,
95. the laughter. I love Us!
96. I love the way our family makes sacrifices, to make sure we choose the
97. perfect gift for one another. This is important to each & everyone of us.
98. I love our faces as we watch one another open our gifts. Sometimes,
99. cameras click to capture the moment. Reflections of joy mirror our faces.
100. It spells LOVE and after all LOVE is the greatest gift of
all. I LOVE, LOVE!
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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Only Time (Enya)

Who can say where the road goes, Where the day flows, only time?
And who can say if your love grows, As your heart chose, only time?
Who can say why your heart sighs, As your life flies, only time?
And who can say why your heart cries when your love lies, only time?
Who can say when the roads meet, That love might be, in your heart?
And who can say when the day sleeps, and the night keeps all your heart?
Night keeps all your heart.....
Who can say if your love growes, As your heart chose, only time?
And who can say where the road goes Where the day flows, only time?
Who knows? Only time


This song was perfect for me. I love Celtic Music. It holds a special place in my heart. I still hold fast that one of my Spanish descendants landed in Ireland and fell in love with one of its maidens. And when he left he took a little part of her that still lives inside of me. One day I want to run through the Moors, I want to see the castles. I want to see the mist as it plays peak-a-boo with the hills. I want to hear the bagpipes and feel the wind as I stand on Irelands Shore!
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Monday, October 02, 2006

My Angels

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Sunday, October 01, 2006


Choices are crossroads for each and every one of us. Choices affect us, someone elses choices are not something that we have any control over. However, once a choice is made by someone close to us, it is up to us to know what we will do with the said choice. Superman said; "Destiny, is just another word for not making a choice." I love this quote. I don't want someone else's choice to become my destiny. Not all of us have children that have become little replica's of us. Yet, if you look hard enough you will find a little of you inside your children, even the ones that did not choose to follow in your steps. The ones that appear to be so very different from everything you ever taught them... But in reality they are not as different as they appear. Seeds were sown, ideals were planted. Somewhere hidden deep inside, you will see yourself every now and then.
I know, I have.

I chose perfectly aged not because I think highly of myself, on the contrary. But like wine, I want to age with grace. They tell me wine is sweeter, better tasting, and definitely more valuable and desirable the older it gets. I’d like to think that for every tear I've shed, every time my heart was broken, every test and trial I've gone through, and every disappointment that was handed me, the price I paid was costly and significant to me. Yet, not entirely without its lesson, without its pearls of wisdom. They were building blocks, Lincoln Logs if you will to make me the person I am today.However, I’ve chosen to let other's "unfavorable" choices make a much better person out of me...

I want to be less sharp, less critical, not cynical, and not bitter. Instead, I want to age and become more genuine, sweeter, more loving, less judgmental and more understanding. I want to be so perfectly aged that my Lord and Master will want to add me to his collection. Just like a wine connoisseur would. After all wine was our Lord’s first miracle here on earth….
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The Beginning

And so begins my first blog. I truly have no idea what I'm doing and this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to me, but "hey" who said life had to make sense anyways, right? Right.

We just had a wonderful camp meeting. So encouraging, so good to be with the Saints of God. My, what will heaven be like.....It's so sweet to see so many grown up, married and with families. I watch their children become little miniatures of the children I used to know. I watched more than one mother and daughter (team) as they walked up to the choir, like they've done hundreds of times before, and I observed the children sitting in the pews. Little replica's of the grown ups singing. No one said we would be around forever...but we make ripples, we make waves, some of us have even created a tsunami or two, but nonetheless we all leave traces People, marks that identify our very existence through out time ...yep a little bit of each and everyone of us stays behind a pace or two. It's a sobering thought....
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