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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

End of Summer Blues

Wow, I can't believe it has been over a month since I visited you dear friend. Well, so much has happened in so little time. We are in the final count down for a new baby, could come today, tomorrow, any time, any day. We hope it's soon cuz Jule looks like she is ready to PoP. And I need some time off. hehe

We just got done with a great revival. We've had some stray lambs come home. And yes it is wonderful to have spiritual babies in the camp. You know they have a tendency to make some noise and that is just down right nice and exciting :)

Yesterday was Papa's birthday (That's my Son in Laws, Step Dad). We celebrated with a twilight birthday dinner on the beach. Nothing like it. Fried chicken, whole wheat pasta salad, watermelon, banana pudding, and chocolate birthday cake, oooh yum :) and the love of a good family. Yep, can't be beat.

Kids played in the water, Papa surfed, and we visited, as we watched the sun go down and the beach became a kaleidoscope of many colors. The stars twinkled, Luna shown bright and all was well, can't complain. Even the bugs decided to join us. We topped it off by walking the big bridge, great exercise strategy. Still no baby...

I've had two dates, one with Isabella Maria and one with Mackenzie Alexandria.
With Belle we went to Burger King, MickyD, and then sat on a swing at the river while we ate our sundaes.
With Kenz, we went to a flea market, that died and we did not know it . So we ended up at our Secret store (sorry, not disclosing, dugh) We got ice cream cones, and drove around and reminisced.

If you have never had a date with a Grandchild, do. I highly recommend it. It is so rewarding. They make cutesie faces, and share little things with you, that they never would. You kinda get a little sneak peek into their personality. And though they may wear you out, the rewards will renew your spirit.

Oh yes, Charles died. Twas a great loss. He was mourned and will be missed. Two Kittens have replaced him, and one stray peacock (he may be a transit). Though not as regal as our Prince Charles, I guess they will do for now. We have a lake behind us. I heard this hauntingly honking noise and thought a duck had wandered to far. But later this evening after dinner Bryan, showed me this new fellow. He is quite handsome. I threw him some old bread crumbs, out on the back patio and he did not disappointment us.

I can't believe summer is almost over, Wow, does anybody know where it went to and where was I as it passed by? Did it even notice my feeble attempts of enjoyment?
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DO tell us when that baby's born, k?

OH! And don't forget the pics, Abuela! Please!

4:58 AM  

Yes, do tell. Is this one another boy?

7:38 AM  

New baby on the way - congrats! Tell us when the happy event happens.

8:38 AM  

Still no bebe, and yes thank God it is another boy. I'll keep ya'll posted :)

9:14 PM  

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