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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Floridian Summernoon

The sky is black and threatening.
The rumble fills my ears.
the wind is getting frisky,
as I wait for it to near.

The air is quite oppressive.
Once again it drags its feet.
And I alone am waiting,
anticipating, expecting, a repeate.

Lightning flashes, bright and hurried,
across the Florida sky.
And jostles the world around me,
illuminating seconds, that rock the day goodbye.

I sit and drink the moment,
with my old friend the earth.
And feel refreshed, renewed,
while enjoying its worth.

They call it liquid sunshine.
I call it a storm.
Who needs sunshine always,
that would only make it norm.

Yet, every afternoon, is packed with excitement,
the show varies in size.
Sometimes it lasts forever,
sometimes its over like a sigh.

And every perfect evening will offer,
the promise of the moon.
Sometimes like an expecting mother,
all rounded and full.
Or just barely a sliver of light,
that shines ever so cool. Which happens to be my favorite.

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Hey - I will send you an invite to scrapulous when I get home - I can't do it from here at work. Wish I could though! Love you.

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Thanx :)

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