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Friday, April 17, 2009

I cant believe I have gone this long without blogging. But I have. I seldom have a night alone but tonight I chose to stay alone, while my family went elsewhere, it's been a long week. We've entertained a lot and I was ready for some Me time. Yesterday night after church, it started to sprinkle and the wind was blowing fairly strong. You could hear the waves from my bedroom window. So my granddaughters and I snuck out and crossed the street to the ocean. It was absolutely desolate, and angrily roaring. We let the wind whip our clothing about us and sucked in a good whiff of salt air. Got freaked out at the emptiness and ran to the Tribute as fast as we could giggling all the way. I still can't believe I lived away from it for 6 years of my life....

I love the sea. I think I get this from my father. Jimmy Buffett sings a song called Son of a Son of a Sailor. I can relate to that.

I remember as a little girl tagging along to South Beach with my Dad, so that he could net sardines. These would be used as bait. I remember begging him to take me. I loved the boat ride, but motion sickness would overcome me a soon as the boat would stop. I would crawl under the hull, curl up and sleep. I would wake up when he would start the motor, for the ride back to shore. Such sweet memories. I am trying to do the same with my grandchildren. Savor the moment. Take it by force. Live, the moment.

Today, they asked to go with me on my bike ride. Now, I really love my bike ride. I take it as soon as I walk through the door. I change my clothes and holler, "I'm going to exercise." I take my MP3 player and my day unwinds and the stress sweetly dies with each pedal. But today, I had company. Wouldn't you know it, the last leg of the journey was slightly uphill,and up wind. Mac, started laughing at my attempts to pedal through the forceful wind, and my tiredness. The temptation was strong to give up and walk the bike the rest of the way. But, I laughed with her and pedaled harder. No pain, no gain.

Life is short-lived. And we just waste it away, in musty cubicles. Half the time with people we like yet not the people we love. Our hours speed by and become days. God made such a beautiful world for us to enjoy. Don't let get stagnate. Tonight the sea is singing to me again, I can hear her constant roar and I thank her for her song.
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Monday, August 18, 2008


Here it is the first storm of the season. Tropical storm Fay is suppose to be making landfall somewhere in Southern FL, some time tonight. Part of my heart lives there. My parents are on the west coast of the peninsula, and my brother Mandy and my Uncle are in the southeastern part of the peninsula. They both have strict instructions to call first thing in the morning and let me know that they are all right.

Fay is suppose to work her way to us at some point, though she will be much weaker by then. However, the suspense is mounting, not knowing what is really coming. All day long we have been warned of her approach. She is not severe, however she will be annoying. She will probably take some of our power lines down, hurl some missiles, knock some trees and branches, soak us real good, maybe to the extreme. In essence cause a little chaos.

I am so ready for her. You probably wouldn't understand it. It's a Florida girl thing. By the way she will be Brock's first storm. He came home from the hospital on Saturday. Talk about timing?School started today, and all his siblings are sick, pink eye, cold/flu, and stomach virus. N I C E, eh? Today was little Bryans' first day at pre-school I'll tell you what, we are ever so busy down here in our neck of the woods. We do appreciate your prayers :)
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Brock Marshall

Hello to all, I told you I would update you as soon as this very special person made his entrance to this world and here it is. Brock came with a bang, and rocked our world like only he could. Brock, was born with serious complications. And for a while there things were very uncertain and scary. God has been so very good to my family, I scarcely know where to begin.
Mackenzie and Spencer were both present, since he is #6 and Jule's last. As soon as he came
out we knew there was a problem the cord was tightly wrapped around his neck, but as one nurse expressed, "Everything that happened, happened for a reason." The cord prevented merconium from being inhaled. However, he did not respond. I walked out of the room after seeing two very dark and unmoving little feet and a very silent baby. There was allot of commotion in the room as one nurse reached for the emergency button. (Never even realized that it was there) but it is. At that point Mima had to make her exit. It is amazing what you do when you are put in such a situation, I never considered taking the girls along with me (which would have been the wise thing to do) I just knew that I had to escape. They did not need anymore distractions. So I calmly walked myself out, handed the camera to someone, walked out the door, and fell on my knees. In the hallway, right beside the door, as I watched emergency personnel come out of the woodwork, as the alarm was going of.

We were told that he was struggling to breathe, that they were deciding whether to put him on a ventilator, and that a crew of 5 was working on him. They said that her placenta ripped, and as a result the baby had lost blood. There was a team of doctors deciding what course to take. His Apgar score was 4 :( They finally inserted a needle into his lung and popped the air bubble that was collapsing his lung. They said this was a fluke.

At this point, God moved in his wonderful, and marvelous, and timely way and Brock began to improve. He will not be on a ventilator. (a three day ordeal in itself) however. his stay in the Neonatal unit will be longer than his Mommys' stay at the hospital. But this is ok. Please continue to pray for him, he does need your prayers.
Jule expressed to us this morning; "God has been so good to me, far more than I deserved." By the way I thought I should mention that Jule is doing great!

He is beautiful though, and we are ever so thankful. Don't let the pictures frighten you he comes with hardware(tubes & such) yes, that is a tube in his mouth. But yesterday which was Wednesday they did took the tube out of his chest, yea! By the way his was born Tuesday evening. And I blogged this from the Hospital on Weds. :)
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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

End of Summer Blues

Wow, I can't believe it has been over a month since I visited you dear friend. Well, so much has happened in so little time. We are in the final count down for a new baby, could come today, tomorrow, any time, any day. We hope it's soon cuz Jule looks like she is ready to PoP. And I need some time off. hehe

We just got done with a great revival. We've had some stray lambs come home. And yes it is wonderful to have spiritual babies in the camp. You know they have a tendency to make some noise and that is just down right nice and exciting :)

Yesterday was Papa's birthday (That's my Son in Laws, Step Dad). We celebrated with a twilight birthday dinner on the beach. Nothing like it. Fried chicken, whole wheat pasta salad, watermelon, banana pudding, and chocolate birthday cake, oooh yum :) and the love of a good family. Yep, can't be beat.

Kids played in the water, Papa surfed, and we visited, as we watched the sun go down and the beach became a kaleidoscope of many colors. The stars twinkled, Luna shown bright and all was well, can't complain. Even the bugs decided to join us. We topped it off by walking the big bridge, great exercise strategy. Still no baby...

I've had two dates, one with Isabella Maria and one with Mackenzie Alexandria.
With Belle we went to Burger King, MickyD, and then sat on a swing at the river while we ate our sundaes.
With Kenz, we went to a flea market, that died and we did not know it . So we ended up at our Secret store (sorry, not disclosing, dugh) We got ice cream cones, and drove around and reminisced.

If you have never had a date with a Grandchild, do. I highly recommend it. It is so rewarding. They make cutesie faces, and share little things with you, that they never would. You kinda get a little sneak peek into their personality. And though they may wear you out, the rewards will renew your spirit.

Oh yes, Charles died. Twas a great loss. He was mourned and will be missed. Two Kittens have replaced him, and one stray peacock (he may be a transit). Though not as regal as our Prince Charles, I guess they will do for now. We have a lake behind us. I heard this hauntingly honking noise and thought a duck had wandered to far. But later this evening after dinner Bryan, showed me this new fellow. He is quite handsome. I threw him some old bread crumbs, out on the back patio and he did not disappointment us.

I can't believe summer is almost over, Wow, does anybody know where it went to and where was I as it passed by? Did it even notice my feeble attempts of enjoyment?
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Friday, July 04, 2008

Photo by Kez (She is amazing)

We had one of those perfect summer evenings. I know I've already posted for the fourth of July, but I truly love this holiday. To me the fourth means, watermelon, homemade ice cream, cookouts and fireworks. And we pretty much had it all today and it was great. We did not have watermelon :(

We were invited to Bro. John and Cheri Bennett's home. It is so very wonderful to be a part of God's people. We had a volleyball game going, a couple of blow up jumpy toys for the kids, and lots of good food.

We sat around and visited and just enjoyed the breeze, the sunshine and each other. Her home is lovely. And they are so hospitable. And when the sun went down, our Pastor, Bro. Owen, and several other brothers put on a remarkable fireworks display. Right above our heads. No crowds, no parking problems just us. It was incredible. We left with sleepy worn out children and I just knew I had to share the moment with you. Hope your fourth was great too!

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Happy Birthday America

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a world in which freedom was non existent? To not be able to express your thoughts, your opinions or your views? To not be able to protest on a busy street corner. Have you ever really sat around and tallied the price of freedom? Did you ever have to leave your family, your language, your culture, even your climate? I have.

I remember getting on a plane and wiggling my pinkie, the sign that meant that I was a worm. A worm was the name given to non-communist. At five years old I did not realize that my Uncle's broken body was left behind buried in some defeated battlefield. The price he and my family paid to defend their land from the communist regime. I did not realize that one of the men I would love most in this world would forever live scarred and broken, haunted my images he will never share with anyone. That's the Uncle that survived.

We were an average family, not rich in material things but very close and rich in family love.
Little did I know that I would be leaving behind my beloved grandmother, and aunts that adored me, and my cousins. This new life in this foreign land would almost cost my heartbroken mother her sanity. I once visited our local library, right here in Town and took my children to see the washed up rafts of the Cuban refugees. As I stared at those pitiful boards, I cried. Cried for the men who would rather drown in shark infested waters, rather than live one more day with a tyrant. Men that wanted to be free. My brother served in the United States Coast Guard and he has seen men that were out in the sun for so long that when they went to take off their shorts, the skin followed. Men that would rather be dead than to be told what to eat, wear and how to live. Communism is not pretty.

I remember as a child visiting the freedom building in Miami, the Ellis Island of many a Cuban refugee, the first stop to their new home, their new land. I remember going there with Mom and getting big giant cans of peanut butter. We had no idea what it was, because it didn't exist in our country. I remember seeing kids at school buy big giant pickles, I had no idea what they were eating, that did not exist in my country either. I've been called names, I've been judged, prejudiced against by a few. But yet I've been accepted and loved by the majority.

I remember embracing this country and melting into it. I remember in grade school singing; "Land where my father died, land of thy pilgrims pride," only to realize that my ancestors had not died here but 90 miles south of the FL keys.

America has been good to me. It is my land, my country. I owe her much. She spared me from ration lines, poverty, and deprivation. She gave me three brothers, four children and soon to be six grandchildren all born on her soil. She allowed me to become her citizen, something that was granted to me through privileged, not birth. I am so very proud to be an American, because I chose to be one. When our people hurt, I hurt with them. When our flag flies high, I swell with pride and admire it. When we are threatened, I am indignant. I love everything about her, and when it is the fourth of July, I celebrate. Happy Birthday, America, and Thanks :)
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Floridian Summernoon

The sky is black and threatening.
The rumble fills my ears.
the wind is getting frisky,
as I wait for it to near.

The air is quite oppressive.
Once again it drags its feet.
And I alone am waiting,
anticipating, expecting, a repeate.

Lightning flashes, bright and hurried,
across the Florida sky.
And jostles the world around me,
illuminating seconds, that rock the day goodbye.

I sit and drink the moment,
with my old friend the earth.
And feel refreshed, renewed,
while enjoying its worth.

They call it liquid sunshine.
I call it a storm.
Who needs sunshine always,
that would only make it norm.

Yet, every afternoon, is packed with excitement,
the show varies in size.
Sometimes it lasts forever,
sometimes its over like a sigh.

And every perfect evening will offer,
the promise of the moon.
Sometimes like an expecting mother,
all rounded and full.
Or just barely a sliver of light,
that shines ever so cool. Which happens to be my favorite.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Two miles and still pushing for more.

There must of been a storm out there today, somewhere way out at sea. Because the ocean was coughing up all kinds of stuff. The sand was littered with these little yellow egg shells, lots and lots of jellyfish, dead crabs, shells galore. one underdeveloped sand dollar and one headless starfish.
We pushed ourselves today. It was a little taxing but needful. I kept praying Lord please help me make it. I tell you, sometimes you just have to put one foot in front of the other, even if you are going against the wind, and it looks like a storm is brewing. I kept praying Lord please stay the storm till we are safe back in the car. And he did.

I love storms, but after loosing Eddie to a storm, well I like them a lot more when I'm in a safe place. Florida is the lightning capitol of the world, and one must learn to respect this. The beach, is definitely not the place to be when it storms. Well, the storm never came and I hope to have a good nights rest tonight.
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