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Saturday, May 31, 2008


I love Saturdays! I look forward to this day, all week long. Saturday belongs to me. Even if I have to help around the house, this is still my day, Gloria's day.
I love Saturdays like today. Where we do absolutely nothing.

Nothing planned for the agenda, except we're going to the flea market. Spence and I need new cell phone protectors and they sell them cheap. I want a pink leather one I saw at the cell phone store but I'm to cheap to buy it. I hope to find it there. Keep your fingers crossed :)

I changed my background today. Does anyone know if we can use XML backgrounds? It's hard to find the HTML kind. I wanted a beach theme for summer.

As you know from my previous posts, I love, love, love the ocean. It can really calm your spirit when you are hurting. There have been many, many times in my life where I fled there. I find solace there. The noises of the world cease.
You can sit, or take a walk just by yourself with only the crash of the waves, and God. Make sure you take him along, it can be an unsafe place without him, but he always goes with me , I'm not normally afraid.

The scent of the ocean is intoxicating. They have tried to bottle it up in candles, and air scents. But its impossible. Nothing can compare to the wind blowing through your hair, the suns' warmth hugging you, and your toes sinking deep, into the many layers the soft warm sand, as the cool water dances through them. Its mystical. You always wonder what''s beyond the horizon. I guess that's what drove men to become seafaring.

I use to tell my children that Africa was on the other side of that big body of water. It makes you wonder if some African mother is saying the same thing, slightly different of course, to her child.

Its tradition as we cross the bridge on our way to the ocean to look for the lighthouse. Mackenzie and Spencer always to try race to see who sees it first. Our lighthouse is beautiful. I love to see the light flash out its warning. It is so very romantic.
Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, FL if you have never been, get off the beaten path and come see it. It's full of history, one of the lighhouse keeper died of a heart attack on his rounds to keep the light lit. It's really cool, invite me to come with you, it has been a long time since I've been there I'm way over due for a visit :)

Do you ever feel lost? The ocean is a great place to stop, and search yourself. Life gets heavy sometimes and we seem to loose ourselves in its everyday whirlwind. It's nice to visit yourself. And sort things out. Find out who you really are and what you are made of. I'm still searching for "Me." She's very complex and evasive. But I will find her in her entirety someday.

One thing I know for sure, she wants to be true, loyal , real and sweetly saved. Emphasis on sweet, I don't want to be a bitter cynical old lady. I want to leave a legacy like my Grandmother did. I want to be remembered with a smile.
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Thursday, May 29, 2008

God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way.

If God brings you to it,
He will bring you through it.
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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hearts break, tears fall, we miss those that are gone and the world keeps on turning, turning.
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Saturday, May 24, 2008

I saw God today

. We call her Beeah, it originally came from Via, which was all Isabella could pronounce of her name, when she was born. But her name is Olivia Taylor and Kezia and I are in a race for her affection (hehe). She is currently my youngest granddaughter. The nickname stuck. And evolved to Bea. I am certainly not partial, to any of my Grandchildren. Something I totally abhor in the strongest sense. And refuse to engage in.

But what makes Bea so special? What makes her so unique in my life? And why is our connection so very strong? Her very entrance into our conscience mind was dramatic. Her very existence, came with a bang. She made an impact from the getgo.

You see my daughter was adamantly, persistently, and forcefully asked to end her babys' life by the doctors attending her pregnancy. She faced this pretty much by herself, I lived 600 miles away at the time.

When it came to choosing between a fetus and a grown daughter, one that I have loved with every breath I take it, this was torturing. Bro. Owen just brought a lesson on exceptions, and believe you me we were searching our souls deeply. My values on abortion are and have been extremely very strong. I never dreamed I would be questioning them, or looking for an exception. Yet, my daughters life was being threatened. Threaten a child's life and you will see a side to a mother that is well hidden even from herself. Should you be given the chance to view it you will be surprised. A dark side lures unknown . A not so pretty side. I hope you never have to be faced with this. I was.

Know the facts. Chances are you know someone who has had or has thought of abortion, as an option. But it is not an exception. These facts were taken from http://www.mccl.org/abortion_statistics.htm

The clock is ticking....
One baby is aborted every 26 seconds
137 babies are aborted every hour
3,304 babies are aborted every day
23,196 babies are aborted every week
100,516 babies are aborted every month

Staggering aren't they? And I'm sure this does not include the ones that are done illegally/hidden.

So next time you see a very young girl with a child, don't be to hard on her, at least she is not a statistic. And then to look on the other side of the spectrum yes, I believe heaven will be full of little souls, souls that never had a chance because someone else had a choice.
My daughter had cervical cancer, a cancer that was killing her, and could not be treated while pregnant, that is unless Olivia's life was ended. They had no idea how far the cancer would progress within those 9 months. My daughters' convictions were solid, she never wavered. She had been trained well, by me. God gave her the thought that she could go through with this logical solution, end the baby's life and still die. And in hell, she could look up and see the child she had killed. Oh, God is so faithful to mankind.
As you know, Bea was born and Julie was healed in soul and in body. What a mighty God we serve.
For which is easier, to say, 'Your sins are forgiven,' or to say, 'Rise and walk'? 6 But that you may know that the Son of man has authority on earth to forgive sins" --he then said to the paralytic--"Rise, take up your bed and go home." Matthew 9:4-6

I've heard a song recently that fits right here. I saw God today, and I see him everyday I come home to my Granddaughter Olivia. She and I are buddies. God knew what would put laughter back in my life. That gigantic, gaped teeth smile and those soft baby arms around me, top it all with two big blue eyes and presto you have the right prescription to heal a broken heart. Put hope when life seems hopeless. And avoid growing bitter and cynical like the rest of the world. Something that we as saint's must war against. Wow, how can you describe this precious gift. Endless hours of unconditional love, unprejudiced trust and never ending fun. Ever noticed how pure a child's trust is? They jump never once doubting that they will not be caught.
Because she is the youngest and I am the oldest we often get paired into staying and not going. Jule thinks I am doing her a great favor but little does she know that a day spent alone with my granddaughter is the best "rest" there is for me. I absolutely love it. As I get older, home is a nice place to be, and Bea is an added bonus.

By the way, this is the same little girl that fell one year ago, come this Lakeland Campmeeting and fractured her skull. Our real life Jill, (like Jack & Jill who broke their crown). God intervened here as well, and did an amazing miracle in her life. Kez is convinced she is a genius, she is so smart. Somebody sure is trying very hard to get rid of her. But God knows I need her, she has been the ultimate healing treatment for me :) I just look at her sometimes while she is sleeping and I marvel at God's perfection, every single inch of her, in my eyes, she is perfect.

Nothing in this world is quite so pure and clean as her baby smell. I don't know how many times I will snuggle with her, or cuddle her and deeply breathe in her scent. Her kisses are heaven sent. Her laughter is contagious. Her personality is incredible. She is sweet, stubborn, determined, funny and let me tell you she is a "ham" if she knows you are watching, she will put on a show. She is a pistol too, just ask Will, Cheri Bennet's son, according to him, Bea did it. She may be the smallest among us but she can hold her own. Trust me on this one :)

Yep, I saw God today
Olivia, and Will in the Church nursery, Heidi is in the background.
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Saturday, May 17, 2008

We saved a fish, today.

Ever felt out of place, kinda like you know you don't know where you belong. Yet you are stuck in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong crowd. And you feel like you are gasping for breath and life. Your collar is too tight you can't stand it and you are sweating bullets. You want out and you don't know how. And you lie there flat on your back, praying, begging, pleading. . . You look so pitiful that if anyone ever took the time to take a good look, deep into your eyes, your eyes would tell the whole story.

Such was the plight of the pitiful flounder Kez and I found on our walk. It was so sad to see this little fellow washed up on the shore. Kez wanted so very badly to reach down and pick it up and place him back in the water. We've had some red tide in the past and not knowing if this fellow would have some kind of disease I advised her against it. It was hard to walk away. We kept convincing ourselves we had done the right thing. Yet we were both bothered. I kept thinking about those eyes, and the little mouth that kept moving, revealing life. And then we spotted salvation. It was coming up the beach on a four wheeler, like a knight in shinning armour. She was an environmentalist doing her nightly rounds. We let her know about the little fish, knowing that she probably had gloves and would know what to do. We stood there watching from a far, as she tossed the little guy back in.

I hope and pray he made it :) Can you imagine how that water must of felt against his dried up dying skin. How wonderful the gift of life felt. My, what a close call. I wonder how many other fishes he told.

You know this feeling well, that is, you do if you've ever experienced salvation. You've been there. Don't forget this story, the enemy would love for you to. He will dangle anything attractive and appealing in front of your eyes and will tempt you with whatever it is you think, you might want. And when he does remember this story, we saved a fish today, and it felt amazing. I guess that's the way God feels :)
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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Two daredevils out on a walk

(all pics courtesy of our cell/camera phones) They say to savor the moment, well I guess you could say that last night we did just that. My girls and I go for walks in the evenings, at least twice a week. Kez and I went to the beach for our walk. It was much later than we normally go. And we could not go to our normal spot, because they are modifying the beach. The storms of a couple years back really ate away at the shoreline. So the city is adding more sand etc. Trying to salvage what the sea wants to claim. Needless to say, the sea is vicious. And does not give up easily.

I told Kez that it was to late to walk because the tide was coming in fast and furious like. She felt assured we could still do it. We walked almost a mile and half, and by the time we came back to the car the sea was in our way. Kez said, "Mom you can climb the wall." I am not a climber, Terra Firma and I still have our issues. However ,I did not have a choice. For those of you who are not from here, night time is feeding time for Sharks. Needless to say, I could visualize my leg hanging from the wall, as I attempted to scale it and Mr. Sharkey shark taking his lady out for their nightly snack date. And taking a nibble out of my temptingly prime cut deliciously juicy calfy calf. Sorry, but I don't want to be somebody else's Big Mac. I like and need my legs :)

I scaled the wall in record time, adrenalin pumping, excitement running in the high tens, legs , and body moving in super dooper mach one, nitro mode, long skirt dangling in the water getting wetter and wetter by the minuet. The batmobile and the General Lee had nothing on me, I tell you. I was so proud of myself. And just as Kez reached a hand to help pull my hefty self up and out, out slipped her sunglasses. She made a feeble attempt to grab them but the dark, swirling angry sea gobbled them up right before our eyes. And what do you suppose my daughter said, "That was kinda fun, wasn't it?" I'm afraid I have to agree with her there is something magically delicious about beating danger. Now grant you, I don't often do it. And certainly do not attempt to make a habit of it.
So, today as we proceeded to go for our walk, at our regular time. . .as we parked we notice that there were camera crews from different tv stations out on the very spot of our prior exciting experience and we knew something had happened. There are many things that can happen at the beach, and we speculated as to the why? Maybe, a whale has beached itself, or maybe they have found drugs that have washed ashore, or Cuban refugee rafts. Maybe someone drowned or a body was found etc. I told Kezia I would find out what all the ruckus was about much to her embarrassment. And so we asked some fellow walkers and lo and behold a little six year old boy was bit by a shark, but he is okay. So I guess, Mr. Sharkey Shark did not have his big Mac, instead he had a chicken nugget. Thank God he wasn't very hungry and just had a snack.

You just never know what God protects you from. I am convinced that someday when we get to heaven we will be amazed at how many close calls we encountered and never knew. And at how many times God's hand reached down and pulled us up and out of unknown predicaments, and yet He never lost his sunglasses.

Because he always carries us through.. . .

God's will won't lead us to where his grace cannot reach

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