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Monday, April 14, 2008

Amelia Island

It is amazing how peaceful one can sleep to the sound of the waves. Last week our family had a family holiday. What with the new jobs and my Son in Law being in school we did not have the luxury of having a family vacation this year. We stayed on Amelia Island (Settled by the French, fought for by the Spaniards and named after an English Princess) this island is full of charm. We stayed at a bed and breakfast right on the ocean. And had the best time ever.
At night you can hear the pounding and the roaring of the waves as they crash upon the shore. And this will put you to sleep like a baby . . . This is the view from the entrance door, to Jule and Bryan's room. I have to give credit to Kezia for this pic.

I took a solitary walk along the shoreline one early morning. Just me and my camera. You see, I needed to spend some quality time with "Me." The visit was long overdue. I discovered the ocean shares its treasures with us, the jewels of the sea. And their beauty will bring a smile to your face. You'll feel like a child in a Candy Store, not knowing which one to pick...amazed and awed at the same time...

The foam can look like delicate lace as it dances and swirls atop the sand.

The air you breath will fill your lungs with the sweet perfume of the sea, salty, pure and cleansing. And whoever said, "You've seen one wave you've seen them all," sad to say, they did not know what to look for. And did not understand the beauty of the sea.

With each wave the scenery changes, as it softly carves the sand in patterns and shapes that are beautiful and full of texture. I did not place the feather, it was dropped by a bird on this very spot, totally kool :)

The sky changes as well, as the waves swell and dip with the rhythm of their music.

I realized that life is good, and beautiful if you allow it to be. It was very healing for me.
I am not broken . . .
just different . . .
better . . .
hopefully wiser. . .
I found that even though I love the seasons, and snow will always be one of my very favorite things. I came to the conclusion that I pretty much spent most of my life wishing I was anywhere north of here. Never the less, my heart did question if I could live away from the sea. I found that I could. But every summer, I would hear its voice in the wind. Calling me home, making me miss it.
My Mom tells me that when I lived in Cuba, back when I was a little girl, you could here the ocean from my bedroom window. I wonder if that is why I slept so very soundly and peaceful. Anyhow, I now see the light, I guess you could say it guided me back to where I need to be, back to where I belong. My heart thrives amidst the sea, my senses awake, my spirit is restored and I am reminded that once a Florida girl, always a Florida girl :) We are a special breed :) :) :)
I encounterd this lighthouse on my walk. I absolutely love, love, love, lighthouses.
Totally Kool to the max.
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