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Friday, April 17, 2009

I cant believe I have gone this long without blogging. But I have. I seldom have a night alone but tonight I chose to stay alone, while my family went elsewhere, it's been a long week. We've entertained a lot and I was ready for some Me time. Yesterday night after church, it started to sprinkle and the wind was blowing fairly strong. You could hear the waves from my bedroom window. So my granddaughters and I snuck out and crossed the street to the ocean. It was absolutely desolate, and angrily roaring. We let the wind whip our clothing about us and sucked in a good whiff of salt air. Got freaked out at the emptiness and ran to the Tribute as fast as we could giggling all the way. I still can't believe I lived away from it for 6 years of my life....

I love the sea. I think I get this from my father. Jimmy Buffett sings a song called Son of a Son of a Sailor. I can relate to that.

I remember as a little girl tagging along to South Beach with my Dad, so that he could net sardines. These would be used as bait. I remember begging him to take me. I loved the boat ride, but motion sickness would overcome me a soon as the boat would stop. I would crawl under the hull, curl up and sleep. I would wake up when he would start the motor, for the ride back to shore. Such sweet memories. I am trying to do the same with my grandchildren. Savor the moment. Take it by force. Live, the moment.

Today, they asked to go with me on my bike ride. Now, I really love my bike ride. I take it as soon as I walk through the door. I change my clothes and holler, "I'm going to exercise." I take my MP3 player and my day unwinds and the stress sweetly dies with each pedal. But today, I had company. Wouldn't you know it, the last leg of the journey was slightly uphill,and up wind. Mac, started laughing at my attempts to pedal through the forceful wind, and my tiredness. The temptation was strong to give up and walk the bike the rest of the way. But, I laughed with her and pedaled harder. No pain, no gain.

Life is short-lived. And we just waste it away, in musty cubicles. Half the time with people we like yet not the people we love. Our hours speed by and become days. God made such a beautiful world for us to enjoy. Don't let get stagnate. Tonight the sea is singing to me again, I can hear her constant roar and I thank her for her song.
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