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Monday, August 18, 2008


Here it is the first storm of the season. Tropical storm Fay is suppose to be making landfall somewhere in Southern FL, some time tonight. Part of my heart lives there. My parents are on the west coast of the peninsula, and my brother Mandy and my Uncle are in the southeastern part of the peninsula. They both have strict instructions to call first thing in the morning and let me know that they are all right.

Fay is suppose to work her way to us at some point, though she will be much weaker by then. However, the suspense is mounting, not knowing what is really coming. All day long we have been warned of her approach. She is not severe, however she will be annoying. She will probably take some of our power lines down, hurl some missiles, knock some trees and branches, soak us real good, maybe to the extreme. In essence cause a little chaos.

I am so ready for her. You probably wouldn't understand it. It's a Florida girl thing. By the way she will be Brock's first storm. He came home from the hospital on Saturday. Talk about timing?School started today, and all his siblings are sick, pink eye, cold/flu, and stomach virus. N I C E, eh? Today was little Bryans' first day at pre-school I'll tell you what, we are ever so busy down here in our neck of the woods. We do appreciate your prayers :)
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Sounds like you have no lack of things to keep you busy.

I love you.

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