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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Brock Marshall

Hello to all, I told you I would update you as soon as this very special person made his entrance to this world and here it is. Brock came with a bang, and rocked our world like only he could. Brock, was born with serious complications. And for a while there things were very uncertain and scary. God has been so very good to my family, I scarcely know where to begin.
Mackenzie and Spencer were both present, since he is #6 and Jule's last. As soon as he came
out we knew there was a problem the cord was tightly wrapped around his neck, but as one nurse expressed, "Everything that happened, happened for a reason." The cord prevented merconium from being inhaled. However, he did not respond. I walked out of the room after seeing two very dark and unmoving little feet and a very silent baby. There was allot of commotion in the room as one nurse reached for the emergency button. (Never even realized that it was there) but it is. At that point Mima had to make her exit. It is amazing what you do when you are put in such a situation, I never considered taking the girls along with me (which would have been the wise thing to do) I just knew that I had to escape. They did not need anymore distractions. So I calmly walked myself out, handed the camera to someone, walked out the door, and fell on my knees. In the hallway, right beside the door, as I watched emergency personnel come out of the woodwork, as the alarm was going of.

We were told that he was struggling to breathe, that they were deciding whether to put him on a ventilator, and that a crew of 5 was working on him. They said that her placenta ripped, and as a result the baby had lost blood. There was a team of doctors deciding what course to take. His Apgar score was 4 :( They finally inserted a needle into his lung and popped the air bubble that was collapsing his lung. They said this was a fluke.

At this point, God moved in his wonderful, and marvelous, and timely way and Brock began to improve. He will not be on a ventilator. (a three day ordeal in itself) however. his stay in the Neonatal unit will be longer than his Mommys' stay at the hospital. But this is ok. Please continue to pray for him, he does need your prayers.
Jule expressed to us this morning; "God has been so good to me, far more than I deserved." By the way I thought I should mention that Jule is doing great!

He is beautiful though, and we are ever so thankful. Don't let the pictures frighten you he comes with hardware(tubes & such) yes, that is a tube in his mouth. But yesterday which was Wednesday they did took the tube out of his chest, yea! By the way his was born Tuesday evening. And I blogged this from the Hospital on Weds. :)
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Typical Cash, eh? ;)

So GOOD to hear how God moved and to see his pink complexion. Please give Jules a HUGE hug for me, and tell her to rest up so I can see her at New Years! :D

All my love.....

2:30 PM  

Praise God!!!! We will be praying.

2:44 PM  

Thank God for a swift answer to prayer and Congrats on your new little one!!!

3:57 PM  

Pretty Scary, Thank God he's Ok. See you guys Tonight.

9:01 PM  

Thank you all, after all family needs to know firsthand :)

6:02 AM  

*sigh* (of relief)
anyways congrats!!!

12:54 PM  

Praise God - Brock is here & is ok. He is faithful. Tubes can be scarey - but thank the Lord they are only temporary. Congrats to the family.

6:44 PM  

Thank the Lord for protection! With all the babies that are born and all the babies that the saints have, we may take for granted how many times things go SO well.
Congratulations and stay encouraged.

9:22 PM  

I know that had to be scary. Praise the Lord he is doing well. We will pray things continue to go well.

8:54 PM  

Abuela, will you please email me and give me an update on the little guy? :)

7:20 AM  

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