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Friday, July 04, 2008

Photo by Kez (She is amazing)

We had one of those perfect summer evenings. I know I've already posted for the fourth of July, but I truly love this holiday. To me the fourth means, watermelon, homemade ice cream, cookouts and fireworks. And we pretty much had it all today and it was great. We did not have watermelon :(

We were invited to Bro. John and Cheri Bennett's home. It is so very wonderful to be a part of God's people. We had a volleyball game going, a couple of blow up jumpy toys for the kids, and lots of good food.

We sat around and visited and just enjoyed the breeze, the sunshine and each other. Her home is lovely. And they are so hospitable. And when the sun went down, our Pastor, Bro. Owen, and several other brothers put on a remarkable fireworks display. Right above our heads. No crowds, no parking problems just us. It was incredible. We left with sleepy worn out children and I just knew I had to share the moment with you. Hope your fourth was great too!

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I agree... I don't know that I have had that much fun on a fourth in a while. :) I will have pictures posted on my site soon. :) so check them out... :) love ya ma!!

11:49 AM  

Sounds very relaxed and fun. We had a good one - stayed home & cooked out - simple stuff. Then fixed our bikes and went bike riding. In the evening we all went out to ADTRAN to watch the fireworks at the new BridgeStreet shopping area! It was a fun filled day. Glad the next day was a NON work day for me! LOL

7:23 AM  

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