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Saturday, May 31, 2008


I love Saturdays! I look forward to this day, all week long. Saturday belongs to me. Even if I have to help around the house, this is still my day, Gloria's day.
I love Saturdays like today. Where we do absolutely nothing.

Nothing planned for the agenda, except we're going to the flea market. Spence and I need new cell phone protectors and they sell them cheap. I want a pink leather one I saw at the cell phone store but I'm to cheap to buy it. I hope to find it there. Keep your fingers crossed :)

I changed my background today. Does anyone know if we can use XML backgrounds? It's hard to find the HTML kind. I wanted a beach theme for summer.

As you know from my previous posts, I love, love, love the ocean. It can really calm your spirit when you are hurting. There have been many, many times in my life where I fled there. I find solace there. The noises of the world cease.
You can sit, or take a walk just by yourself with only the crash of the waves, and God. Make sure you take him along, it can be an unsafe place without him, but he always goes with me , I'm not normally afraid.

The scent of the ocean is intoxicating. They have tried to bottle it up in candles, and air scents. But its impossible. Nothing can compare to the wind blowing through your hair, the suns' warmth hugging you, and your toes sinking deep, into the many layers the soft warm sand, as the cool water dances through them. Its mystical. You always wonder what''s beyond the horizon. I guess that's what drove men to become seafaring.

I use to tell my children that Africa was on the other side of that big body of water. It makes you wonder if some African mother is saying the same thing, slightly different of course, to her child.

Its tradition as we cross the bridge on our way to the ocean to look for the lighthouse. Mackenzie and Spencer always to try race to see who sees it first. Our lighthouse is beautiful. I love to see the light flash out its warning. It is so very romantic.
Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, FL if you have never been, get off the beaten path and come see it. It's full of history, one of the lighhouse keeper died of a heart attack on his rounds to keep the light lit. It's really cool, invite me to come with you, it has been a long time since I've been there I'm way over due for a visit :)

Do you ever feel lost? The ocean is a great place to stop, and search yourself. Life gets heavy sometimes and we seem to loose ourselves in its everyday whirlwind. It's nice to visit yourself. And sort things out. Find out who you really are and what you are made of. I'm still searching for "Me." She's very complex and evasive. But I will find her in her entirety someday.

One thing I know for sure, she wants to be true, loyal , real and sweetly saved. Emphasis on sweet, I don't want to be a bitter cynical old lady. I want to leave a legacy like my Grandmother did. I want to be remembered with a smile.
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Maybe one reason "me" is so hard to find is because me is not a static position. It is fluid (changing readily; shifting; not fixed, stable, or rigid.

How can you "find" that which does not stay in one place? Even if you could capture it and say this is ME, you'd only be right in that moment. Today's happenings will change you for tomorrow.

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Wow, that is deep. I never, never thought of that, but it makes absolute sense.Wow!
By, the way do you know the answer to XML can we convert to this or is this impossible?

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