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Monday, March 24, 2008

Somehow Easter Sunday, manages to be different than any other Sunday. I don't know if it is because it is the beginning of Spring, or the fact that we recognize the great gift that was bestowed on mankind or what? We go to bed on Saturday night with curlers in our hair, and somehow we don't mind so much. Because we know that when we awake we will put on our very best apparel. And rejoice like the Psalmist said, " I will be glad, when they said unto me let us go to the house of God." (Major paraphrasing)
For some reason the cross and its significance was very real to me this Easter. I was all choked up and emotional as I sat among God's people. I have so very much to be thankful for, two saved daughters, a saved Son in law and five wonderful grandbabies.
Kenzie asked me while looking through my planner, Mima why is it called "Good Friday?" And next thing I knew I was crying, and thanking God for taking my place on that cross. My how he suffered, and how unworthy was I. Yet in spite of it all, he loved.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Once again I say "Hello, hello, hello"

Hi Folks,
It is absolutely ridiculous how long it has been since I blogged. Life has changed so very much in such a short time. I now work with Kez which is always nice, we work for a large law firm. Yes, Siree, whoopie, yaweee kazaweee, Bamm shazam!!!!! Eight to 5pm 4 days a week** 8-4 on Fridays, and every weekend off. Oh, the little things that mean so very much to the simple of heart!

I have a baby boy coming that will make his appearance some time in late summer.Well you know what I mean Julia will be delivering this precious bundle not me. hehe :) I have the most beautiful grandgirls on earth. I'm in love with each and everyone of them. Including Miss Olilvia who by the way though, last on the totem pole will not let you forget her. My grandson better known as "Bubba" around these parts, was created to steal my energy and make me smile. And you just never know, there may be more surprises coming from the Cash Clan. But enough said for now, just keep us in your prayer list we have a very special unspoken prayer request, that we want to reach heaven, and be granted to us. Please pray.
We live in a new neighborhood, where we can actually leave our doors unlocked, and not feel that we will be murdered in our beds or robbed clean of our belongings. Not that it can't happen we all know we live in a wicked world. Our home is sooooo us, it is just perfect. We have a lake view in the backyard, and we live on a dirt road, one of the few left in our town. Talk about a blast from the past. I raised my family on a dirt road, there's just something enduringly precious and warm about living on one. Oh, I know that there is allot more maintenance involved, and some people just hate it, but there are still some of us who like a little less progress on some minor things. Grant you, I would not be blogging if it were not for technology and progress not to mention my Son in law, Bryan, who just hooked my laptop to the net this day, but hey, sprinkle a touch of the past here and there and life is good :) Supper's cooking in the kitchen, I can smell it from my room, I don't know what Jule is doing in there but if it tastes as good as it is smelling, oooooweee, it sure smells like yummy. Kenzie, just said she made the most delicious chicken. The sun is shinning here in the Sunshine State, the breeze is gently blowing and to be honest with you it is just the most beautiful Spring day you could ask for.

Today we had this red crested woodpecker at work that kept trying to peck the big glass window in our break room. Kez, came to my part of the building to tell me about him. They say every spring for the last two years he has been doing this. He flys to the tree next to the window, and then he dashes to the big picture window that we have in our break room and slams his beak up against the glass as hard as he can. But the poor thing just can't seem to break through. Somehow he can't comprehend why the glass has no give. It was never intended to be building home material for him . He won't find glass at the local bird depot. And if he would ever be able to get his way and break through it could prove fatal for him. Think of the injury he would sustain. Not to mention the fact that he he would not be welcomed in our break room and would receive the fasted eviction notice ever delivered. So instead of settling for the tree and making his hole as God intended him too, he is determined to continue his endeavors no matter how futile they are. He is going to make it work. He is determined and persistent. Meanwhile the world looks on and laughs at the poor-pitiful fool. Doesn't that remind you of some people? God has this beautiful life laid out for them. A life he created for the beautiful creature he intended them to be. And yet they are determined that their way is best, regardless of who it affects. They are going to make "sin "work. And we watch with broken hearts and bended knees.
I too can relate to this little fellow. I found myself in an awkward and unexpected situation. Just when I imagined myself on some front porch swing drinking coffee and awaiting the arrival of Kids and Grandkids, life through me a curve. "I" became the arrival, the fifth wheel. And here am I watching this bird, as I hold down a job I never envisioned. The difference is that when my world shattered (or so I thought at the time), I gathered the pieces and handed them to the master builder. I said here you take them, tweak them, fix them, put them where they belong. My blueprint failed. But yours will withstand the test of time. Yours is fool-proof. I'll submit to the one you have in mind. It may not always be easy, I know. And the "Why's" have a way of driving you insane. Yet I know God's plan is never futile, it will all be explained someday. And if not, oh well, life is good.
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