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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Me and my Blogger Friends

You blogger's are something else...in Kelly's site I took a test that said I had a Southern accent. 62% (Dixie). A definitive Southern score! Whatcha think about that y'all? Which explains why my kids say I'm a Country Cuban. I really truly thought my accent was more Yankee than Southern. Oh well, I was wrong again no wonder that guy asked me if I hailed from Texas. Oh, you don't know which guy, let me claireefi he was a customer.
Then in Oma's blog I took a test that said what I was in the Flower World.

You Are a Foxglove

"You really want to be a good person, but you have this little mischievous streak that seems to get in the way. Deep down you mean well, but you are just so good at being just a little bit bad."

Talk about flower power, ugh Dude, it's like, Wow.
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Life goes on....

OK, so I've been horrible in keeping up with this, sorry.
Update: New job going really good. I work for a large Bank and investment company, and I am in one of their many call centers worldwide. You know how it works, you dial the 800 # and you get a representative. I'm one of those representatives. It is a very challenging job, I am coming up on my 4rth week of training. And then we graduate. I have two more weeks to go and hopefully I will be in my very own little cubicle by the beginning of May. This is a good thing. By then hopefully, I will know what I'm doing. Currently I am in transition which is basically like getting on a bike for the first time. Kinda scary. Somewhat painful.
Friday, was absolutely horrid. It was one of those days when everything "unusual" happened, computer shut-down (while on line with a customer-not fun) PC glitches, info updates, emotional customers, I encountered situations in which I'd never been trained. At one point, running out the door was a very appealing option (like the fire drill we had this week after the tragedy in VA. I was just coming from the bathroom when it happened and I did not have my purse. All doors start automatically locking and you are directed to the nearest exit. For those of you who work for a large company, make sure you have your purse/keys at all times in case of a real emergency-you'll have your car keys and hopefully you will be able to escape-lesson learned).
Thank the Lord for my parents, who instilled in me very good work ethics and even though I was so tensed that a back massage was no longer a luxury but definitely a necessity, I somehow managed to stick around till the end of the day:)
Note: back rub forgotten :(
Living here has really pushed the explore button in my life into overdrive way beyond my expectations. So far, I've eaten and liked sushi which I thought was horrid. If you've never tried it, you gotta. The vegetarian kind is great! And the wasabi is addicting. I've also had steamed oysters, oh yeah, something a year ago sounded absolutely disgusting. And now for the first time in my life my nest is empty. Yep, ughhum they are all gone. And I am alone, it is just little ole' me, myself and I. However, I was adopted by the Cash Clan, yep I am now officially Mima Cash (courtesy of Isabella Maria)I even get included in their family gatherings (that's the Cash Family gatherings which by the way are pretty private affairs). So, did I say I was alone? Well, I guess I left out a teensy weensy little bit of information, I live in a house with five children and two other adults and a cat named Prince Charles, Charles for short. Yeah, we get overruled allot around here, it's all about the little people (MickeyD's a place we visit regularly). Privacy doesn't exist, and your personal belongings aren't very personal any more, so you best hide them. Peace and Rest are still lost and they haven't found our address yet. But smiles, laughter,noise, hugs and kisses are permanent residents. Loneliness decided it didn't belong and moved out.
I have one night to myself that I treasure and my daughter and son in law respect. I leave straight from work and go over to my friends house. We eat dinner together and then we scrapbook our grandchildren pictures. Mackenzie asked me this week if I would skip it and do it at home with her instead (by the time I get home they are already in bed). When she didn't get the answer she was hoping for, she decided to negotiate, make a date, and seal a promise that her and I would scrapbook on Monday. She won.
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