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Friday, December 15, 2006

Today, our miracle came home. Her name is Olivia Taylor and she is a sweetie. Just thought I'd let you all know :) We are in love!
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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Today I witnessed a miracle. It's called life. My granddaughter was born today. She does not have a name yet, even though there are many options to choose from. I expect by the morrow she will have a name of sorts. Her parents are spending the night with her in the hospital and I am certain they will come to some sort of agreement, even though there is no disagreement on her name. They simply are having a hard time choosing. I said this was a miracle and indeed it is. My daughter was coaxed into aborting this precious little girl that was today welcomed by all. If my daughter would have been persuaded by the professional medical advise of her doctors, this little one would have never seen the light of day. Or heard the cheers of her Daddy or one day be told of the tears of her “so very happy” Mima as she was given the gift of life. Yet she had a Mommy who loved her unconditionally. Who had been taught that life and death belong to God and God alone, that abortion is sin and never an option. A tough concept to stand by when the one you love may loose their life. My daughter never wavered and I am so very proud of her. I tell you some things in life will scare you to death. When Julia was told that an abortion was the safest path for her, it was very difficult and scary for me to remain calm. I could gain a grand daughter and loose a daughter or vise a versa. This was “my” little girl that was in danger, I wanted to protect her above all things, she was “my” little girl and I have spent a lifetime doing this. “My” little girl that needed medical attention. Yet we had to determine in our hearts to fight for the unborn. To give advise that we would one day have to face God on. It was very unnerving. Even if it meant an early delivery, we felt that God could and would allow this child to survive if it was his will. And today we looked into the perfect face of a little angel. I was awakened this morning by a very excited daughter who said; "Mom, my water just broke", such sweet words to our ears after numerous trips to the hospital. That was about 8:30am. We packed our bags. Kez checked the older girls out of school, took the babies to their Gran's house, meanwhile we got settled in a hospital room. Jules contractions were irregular however she went from 5cm to 7cm in about 5minuets. After that things just started happening really fast. Kinda like a loaded train on a downhill slide.
She came into the world today at 4:43 pm weighed in at 6lbs 13 onces. and was 19 inches long. She was all pink and pretty. Like a fresh rose picked in a perfect garden. Or like a little pink piglet/all cute and sweet. She was greeted by her Mom, Dad and I (with tears in my eyes) Kez chose to leave the room with her two older sisters because the hospital would not allow their presence at the birth. It was very heroic of Kez. I’m so very proud of her too! However, as soon as all was cleaned up and the baby had not yet been held by anyone, Kez and the girls were allowed back into the room. Kez can boast of being the first (of us) to hold her. I think that was just :) I however, did get to cut the cord. That always thrills me for some reason. Just to know that it was I who separated her from her former home and gave a small hand as she walked into this world, this is such a teeny tiny part in the whole scheme of things. Such a small part, but one that I always cherish that and the honor of being by my daughters side. Yes, it has been a good day, and as I said before today I witnessed a miracle, and I thank God for allowing me to do so :)
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Monday, December 11, 2006

We're Back

So life turns and twists and we choose what path we must follow. As most of you may know by now we have made the decision to move back to FL. Our family is here, this is home, and things needed to be mended and corrected. God has blessed us greatly and for that we are thankful. God's people are amazing, they are truly a blessing in our life. I am happy to report victory in Jesus. It is good to be close to my family once again, considering I have ageing parents. I am now a mere 4hours away from my folks as opposed to 16. It is nice to have the ability to get in our car and just be there shortly. I get to do the simple things in life, like read a Bible story to my grandchildren at night and to enjoy their company during church service. Attend school plays and pick them up at the end of their school day. It's the normal everyday things that become a treasure. It's the sloppery wet kiss, and the soft warm little arms that wrap around your neck and face. It's hearing the words, "Mima come on" and waking up to baby kisses. Since we have been here God has blessed Jule's home. My son in law Bryan is a new babe in Christ. It's exciting watching him take baby steps. My daughter has been consistently coming to church. Wow, it is so worth it! We are still are awaiting the birth of number 5 for some reason Jule has made such a warm and cozy home that it does not want to leave. However, my daughter is very ready for it's departure. And so are we. We will keep you posted :) I do miss TN, the mountains, the TN saints and especially winter, I am back in the land of sea salt, sea breeze and shorts. Not my style, but definitely my home.
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